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Personal Fitness Training & Sports Performance Program

Our personal trainers create programs to enhance physical and mental wellness for all clients searching for the benefits of adapting fitness in to their lives.  Our trainers teach exercise methods that are fun, challenging, and guarantee results.  We use methods that do not require gym equipment or any type of expensive fitness equipment.  After a short period of time you will be equipped with a wealth of knowledge and physical and mental changes that will have you understanding why a consistent fitness program is so important.

sCULPture offers dynamic off-season programs for virtually all sports. Utilize your off-season time to pass up your competition, impress college or professional recruiters, and improve your performance in the following areas:

Speed  |  Agility  |  Strength  |  Quickness  |  Power  |  Reaction  |  Balance

Hand-Eye-Coordination  |  Balance  |  Flexibility

You will see amazing results when you commit to sCULPture's aggressive off-season program. At the high school and even collegiate level, many athletes do not participate in long term off-season programs. Get the advantage on your competition!  Every athlete‚Äôs performance will benefit by improving the nine bullets listed above.  For athletes interested in obtaining and/or improving their SPARQ rating, Yancy Culp is SPARQ certified.

Off-season programs are designed to improve performance in the following sports:

Football  |  Baseball & Softball  |  Track & Field  |  Basketball  |  Soccer

Lacrosse  |  Wrestling  |  Cross Country  |  Volleyball  |  Mixed Martial Arts  |  Rugby


sCULPture Nutrition & Fitness Total Package
$89.00 per Month
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