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Nutrition Services

General Information

The sCULPture office is located at 13740 Research Boulevard, Ste. U4, Austin, 78750.  

Initial consultations are approximately 90 minutes; follow up visits are approximately 60 minutes.

All individual consultations include a thorough nutrition assessment, meal planning tips, nutrition education, goal setting, and referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate.

Package rates & sliding scale available.  Nutrition & Fitness packages are available, but not required.

sCULPture Nutrition & Fitness does not currently accept insurance. However, we will provide you with documentation to assist you in being reimbursed from your insurance company directly.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Nutrition Services Fees

  Initial Nutrition Consultation: $120

  Follow Up Nutrition Visit: $90

  Beginner's Nutrition Package (includes initial consultation and 3 follow up visits): $350

  Follow Up Nutrition Package (4 follow up visits): $320

  No Refunds.

Individual Nutrition Consultations Available for:

Eating Disorders, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Pre & Post Natal Nutrition, Women's Nutrition, Nutrition for Kids, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Wellness & Health Promotion, Nutrition for the Busy Family, Supermarket Tours

Eating Disorders

Work with an experienced and compassionate professional to learn how to make peace with food and optimize your health.  Nutrition therapy will be tailored to meet your individual needs, while assisting you in creating a healthy relationship with food using a non-diet/intuitive eating approach. Your dietitian will help you explore your current behaviors, modify them along the way, and optimize your health through nutrition education, goal setting and behavior change. Amy has had success with clients utilizing a variety of approaches, including exposure activities in a supportive setting. She works with a multidisciplinary team to ensure your treatment is as smooth and consistent as possible.

Sports Nutrition

Amy is a skilled sports nutritionist and has assisted high school and college athletes, runners, cyclists, tri-athletes and various sports teams with a sports nutrition advantage over the competition.  Improve your performance and get more from your workouts with a customized sports nutrition program created for your individual needs and goals.  The sCULPture Team often works together with athletes to provide the most cutting edge nutrition and training techniques to improve performance

Weight Management

Weight management can be stressful, emotional, and confusing.  Don’t go at it alone – hire your very own nutrition and wellness coach.  Amy’s non-diet approach is a breath of fresh air for those that are frustrated with weight loss challenges. We believe that physical activity plays an integral role in weight management.  sCULPture Nutrition & Fitness has many options available which can be discussed during our consultation.  Learn how to manage your weight without a strict diet!

Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

Learn about how to properly nourish your body in all phases of pregnancy (even before).  Amy has extensive experience helping pre and post natal mothers with their nutrition and breastfeeding questions.

Women's Nutrition

Find out how balancing your nutrition can enhance your energy, wellness, and vitality at any stage of your life.

Nutrition for Kids

Concerned because you have a picky eater, or that your child may be overweight?  Confused about when to start and advance with solid foods?  Amy uses a family-centered approach that will help with current food struggles, while teaching children how nourish their bodies and establish a healthy relationship with food that will carry them through adulthood.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Learn how to manage diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, PCOS, digestive disorders, food allergies, and more with balanced nutrition.  Your dietitian will assess your current intake and make recommendations for improved wellness and vitality.

Wellness and Health Promotion

If you’re looking to enhance your overall wellness, consider one of our combined nutrition & fitness packages.  You will get tips for optimizing your nutrition, supplementation recommendations as needed, and learn new ways to kick start your fitness routine.

Nutrition for the Busy Family

Learn techniques for quick and healthy meal planning, how to maintain your health with a busy schedule, and how to “grow” healthy children.

Supermarket Tours

Become supermarket savvy with a one-on-one tour with a nutrition expert.  You will not only learn how to make the best choices during this guided tour, but you’ll also come away with new ideas for quick meals and snacks.  A pre-printed grocery shopping list is included.

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